October 25, 2013

Halloween Party

Halloween.  I loved it as a kid, but as I got older, it wasn't something I really looked forward to.  Eventually having babies to dress up was fun, and I liked the cute aspects of the holiday, but...meh.
Until this year.  I think my "I can't get excited about Christmas because it's way too early but I am just so excited I can't stand it" kind of mentality is making Halloween so much more fun for me.  That, coupled with Andrew and Emily's excitement over the holiday is making me have a really good time.  I'll post more Halloweeny stuff we've been doing, but for now, here are our costumes.  We had the trunk or treat at the church tonight.  It was a lot of fun.  I was REALLY impressed with some of the costumes.  Amazing.  Andrew insisted that Mike and I needed to dress up, too.  Although there were some tears (apparently my hair was "not very well" and I was supposed to be dressed as a hot dog, according to my oldest), it all ended up well in the end.

 Side note: Andrew has been wearing those ears for 3 days straight.  Yes, straight.  He slept in them.  And wearing Mike's wellington boots were his addition.  He thought they were pretty necessary.

Emmie eventually got so excited that she couldn't stop jumping and saying, "Hey guys!  Look at me!  I have my bag!  It! Is!  Emily!  Ta da!!!!  Party!" etc.  Unfortunately, her candy kept flying all over the place, but it was so cute to see her so excited.

She wasn't the only one.  Here is Andrew mid-happy dance.

Andrew getting candy from his teacher.

Checking out the loot.

Yay!  No razors. 
(Am I the only one that was terrified that I was going to eat a razor after trick-or-treating?  I think hearing that warning gave me psychological issues.  My imagination is my worst enemy sometimes.)
That was a weird way to end this post.

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Mom said...

Sorry, we didn't mean to scare you when we checked your candy when you were little. It's not like we really expected people in our town to try to kill you. We were just taking the normal precautions of the day.

The costumes came out really cute. Glad you all had such a good time.