August 14, 2013

Yep. She's Mine.

Growing up, my poor mother was in charge of washing my clothes.  I was the messiest kid ever.  I remember playing and looking down thinking, "How did all this mud get on me?"  And....I think I have gotten a little Mini Muddy Me.
A couple of days ago, the kids asked to go outside, and since it had only rained a little bit, and the puddles were very small, I consented.  I thought, "They can't get terribly messy in that little bit of water."
 Boy, was I wrong.
This picture cracks me up, first of all.  She looks like a muddy little puppy.
I checked on them, only to find my baby girl face down in a puddle licking the ground/puddle.  I made some sort of disgusted cry and she hopped up, rubbing her tummy and saying, "Mmmmm, num!  Want a gink, Mommy?"  No, Emily.  I think I'll pass on the drink.
The picture doesn't accurately show the amount of dirt all over her face and shirt.  I think I need to invest in Oxyclean stock.

Especially since this was just a couple of days before that.  Ah, well.

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