August 29, 2013

Flawed but Fabulous

My friend Lisa lately said she would describe herself as "flawed but fabulous."  I LOVED that!  And man, have I been flawed this week.  It just hasn't been a stellar week for me.  I can't quite get anything done, I've felt defeated and frustrated, and there has been other things that just seem to keep getting in the way of me having a stress-free week.  But it's looking up.  So anyway, I haven't blogged in a while, so here are some pictures.
A hilarious picture of my newest nephew, Sawyer.  This picture made me laugh so hard.

My hair is doing something weird, and Charlie looks so serious here.

First time on a swing.  Guess what?  He liked it. :)

Emily would swing all day if she could.  But the real gem in this picture is Andrew in the corner.  Apparently he was feeling a bit lazy in his swinging.  Mike and I saw this and couldn't stop laughing.

There is no pain like having a Fischer Price Little People person shoved on your middle finger.  :)  But she was happy.  :)

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