August 11, 2013

Feel Sorry For Me

We have an external hard drive where we back up all of our pictures.  Well, somehow we ended up backing up everything from Andrew's birth on, but nothing from the four years prior.


There are sometimes 3 or 4 copies of the same picture of Andrew eating peas, but we have lost all the pictures from the day after our wedding on. 

Our first Christmas together, vacations, our home life.  Everything we documented from August 2005 through June 2009.  And it's super sad.

I haven't cried like I thought I would, but I have sniffled a bit, and I definitely feel sorry for myself.  If anyone has pictures of us pre-kids that you want to share, that would be awesome. 

Yeah, so... feel sorry for me.


Jennifer said...

I am so sorry. I've lost and almost lost photos before. (And I have no photos of you whatsoever, so I can't help you there.) Just consider this motivation to save and backup photos differently from this point on. Consider online storage, or saving to cd's or something. Printing photos is also a good idea--heck, that's what our parents did, and their parents, etc. That's kind of the only way they saved photos.

Good luck! I don't know where you saved them originally, but is there any chance you might find them? Data recovery or something?

Mom said...

They may be in there somewhere. Sometimes they can be located like Jennifer says with a data recovery. We thought we lost some pictures but they showed up. Bring your laptop when you come; maybe one of the guys can help.