March 17, 2013

Top O The Mornin' to You

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We decided to make it a 2 day party since St. Pat's was on a Sunday this year.  Yesterday we listened to the Irish Descendants while cleaning the house, had a mini dance party (with a few solo numbers by Andrew that are pretty amusing), and Mike and I watched part of a documentary about Irish pubs while we folded laundry.  I know.  We're party animals.  Click on this link to see Mike and the 2 oldest kids dancing.  Pretty darn cute and funny.

And today we had green eggs, Irish porridge, green apples, and toast for breakfast.
FYI, that's cheese on the eggs.  (Orange and green - English and Irish.  Ha, I love me.) 

We had a fun surprise this morning when we realized we were out of propane.  Fun stuff, maynard.  I was pretty bummed and wondered how we were going to cook today without a stove and oven.  We do use the microwave sometimes, but you know.  My smarty little husband remembered that we had a propane stove set aside for emergency preparedness.  It worked just fine to cook breakfast as well as dinner.  I'm grateful we were prepared!  That's what it's all about, right?  I'm glad when the prophet said to store food and prepare for disasters, etc that we listened.  It's a little thing, but it's a good thing.

Irish porridge is basically steel oats.  Tastes just like regular oatmeal, only chewier.  And somehow, Irishy-er.  (Not a real word.)

I picked up this little guy a couple years ago at a yard sale for a couple bucks.  I thought he was so cute!  Emily apparently agreed.  "Woah!  Das coooool!"

Here's our nod to a little rainbow.  Turns out, my kids love decorations, and I really don't have any St. Pat's decorations.  So we got inventive.

Emmie's hair for church today.  Stinking adorable, I gotta say.

Mike and Emily won the "Most Festive Award" here around the house for wearing tons of green.  Andrew did his part with his coat.  It was good I could find green clothes for the kids.  Like I've said before, it'd be a real shame to have to pinch your own kids.  :)  (I'm kidding.  Please don't call the cops on me.) 
And our dinner!  Corned beef and cabbage.  Turns out, it is REALLY hard to get a decent picture of corned beef and cabbage.  I failed.  But it tasted really good!

And lime popsicles for dessert.  Andrew called them icicles, which I thought was mighty cute.  Charlie is looking cute and tiny here, too.

The menu for the day.  I was impressed that we made all of this (minus the soda bread) without the use of our stove and oven.  Well, Go Braugh or Go Home.

How did you spend your day?

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Mom said...

Such cute kids! Emily's hair was really cute with the braids. Andrew had such a great smile in the picture of him with Mike & Emily. Yes, it's great to be prepared. We've been working on that lately. We've put together pretty good 72 hour kits. Let's hope we never need them.