October 7, 2012

Last Post for Awhile

Our internet is for sure going off tomorrow :( so I thought I'd make you look at a bunch of pictures.
I convinced Andrew to hold Emily's hand when we were walking from the car to the park .  When we got there, he dropped her hand and she cried so hard that he held her hand again and she stopped crying.  It was adorable.

Emily calls slides "wee." She'll point at it and say, "Wee, wee?"

I can't believe how big our little guy has gotten.  He's almost 3 1/2 and seems to get taller and more like a kid rather than a toddler ever day.  We sure adore our sweet boy.

Happy little man.

I laughed when I realized that I had just up and abandoned her on the swing to get a good picture of Andrew.  She was okay with it.  :)

Such a sweet little picture of two very good buddies.

Mike carrying Andrew up to the car.  The boys do things a little differently than the girls.

Here we are walking up to the car.  My face looks super long here for some reason.

We bought Andrew some underwear with the hopes that he would start wanting to go on the potty soon.  He's been showing some signs of wanting to start, but seems far from actually going on the toilet.  Any advice is EXTREMELY welcome.  Anyway, I put the undies on Emmie's head and she wanted them on for quite awhile after that.  She's so hilarious.


Andrew and I decorating with "punkins."

This picture cracks me up.  I look like I got hit on the head with a very large hammer and now have some issues.  Andrew looks pretty funny, too.  I seriously take the worst candid photos of all time.

"Squish, squish, squish."

"Your turn, punkin.  Say cheese!"

Tonight Emily insisted on wearing Andrew's pjs to bed tonight.  She really adores her big brother.

Probably because he does hilarious stuff all the time. :)

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