February 19, 2012

February so far...

Some pictures don't really need a caption.

Funniest brother...ever.

Yeah. That's syrup.  The picture can't quite do it justice.  I took Emily into the other room to change her diaper and didn't realize Andrew could reach the syrup bottle on the counter.  Life with Andrew is never dull.

Our power went out one night.  Andrew was really upset by it until we distracted him with flashlights, candles, and cheese.  We're working on him taking smaller bites....

Andrew has really started to be sweet to Emily.  He will say, "Oh, hiiii baaaaaaaaby." in this sweet loving voice and hug her.   Here he is kissing her head.  Then he let her play with his foot for about 5 minutes while he watched t.v.  She was in heaven.  They're both weird.

We've had a string of car/truck problems this month.  Mike had to fix the brakes in the truck, and we had to bring the car into the shop twice.  Let's hope that's it for awhile!

Sometimes I take a picture of myself, just to prove that I still exist.  Yep, there I am.

This one just cracks me up.  She loves to eat so much, and makes a huge mess.  She has gotten so big all of the sudden!

Our little photographer.  Never mind he's got it backwards, the kid's got potential! :)  Here he is at Lend and Learn saying, "Smile, balls!"

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Amy said...

Firstly... Those kids are stinkin' adorable.

Secondly... Did you lose like twenty pounds this month?! Wow, good job. You stink.

Thirdly... No, I guess that covers it.