February 19, 2012


Andrew is really starting to talk quite a bit now.  It took him awhile, but he's definitely getting there!  He says the funniest things, and the cutest too.  :)

Andrew sings I am a Child of God a lot.  My favorite part is the chorus:
Leady, guidey, walk-a sidey.
Heppy fine a way.
Teachy all a do
A lif wif Him Someday.

Emily is no longer "Willy."  She is now "Eh-lo-we or Baby."

A few days ago he took this monster puppet around the house feeding it, putting it to bed, and letting me take pictures so he could hold it up to the camera and say, "Dare-de go, baby.  See a pishur."

 And....I included this next one in here because it seriously makes me laugh.  He was supposed to be napping, but when I went in to check on him, I quickly grabbed the camera and snapped some photos.  He had found one of Emily's headbands and decided to wear it.  I have a feeling he will hate this picture eventually.
 Andrew's friend Brady just turned one.  We weren't able to go to the party, but we did get a balloon, treat bag, and party hat (happy birthday hat) from the party. (Which was super sweet of you, Nat and Quentin!)  He was so excited about the balloon (ba-la-loo).   He ran through the house, wearing my hat, laughing and saying, "Hey Mommy!  Looky at my cool hat...and my ba-la-loo!"  This picture is blurry, but really really cute.
 He kept losing hold of the balloon.  He would grab his little stool to get it again while saying, "I getty!  I getty!"  Then when he got it again he would say, "I so HA-ppy!" and point to himself.   Before he went to bed he said, "So happy?" and pointed to me.  I said, "Yeah, I am SO happy.  And you want to know why?  Because you are my special, sweet, little guy."  He looked at me and smiled, and I realized that that really is true.  Being a stay at home mom comes with some challenges.  I have some days when I feel down, and can't wait until naptime.  My life isn't perfect, and I certainly am not.  But I have an absolutely wonderful family.  They are supportive, funny, sweet, and amazing.  My husband is wonderful, my little Emily is so sweet, and my little Andrew is my very favorite little guy in the world. 
So yeah.
  I so happy.

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