March 30, 2011

Noah Alexander

Last weekend we got to go visit Jeanette and Jason and meet their new little cutie. He's not a fan of sleeping or being put down, but he loves to eat and snuggle. Such a sweetie pie!
I love the suspicious look here. "You're not my mom. Feed me and maybe we can be friends."

Here's his innocent face. "My mom must be mistaken. I have been sleeping perfectly well through the night. Would this face lie?" Sleepy guy with my little monster in the background.
"Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!!" I have to admit. He looks pretty cute when he cries.
Andrew enjoyed the weekend. Here he is holding a controller while the boys (Mike, Jason, and Aaron) played video games. He thought he was pretty big stuff.
And here he is in the massager. He thought it was hilarious...and it kind of looks like he's doing a little dance here.
Proud grandma. My mom has been with Jeanette for about 2 months now (due to the blood clot, bed rest, and all the complications with the pregnancy and birth). Jeanette's loving having her around, and I know how grateful she is to have such a hard working, selfless woman be her mom. Thanks for being there when we couldn't, Mom! (All the baby snuggles are your payment.)
Here I am holding the baby. I look absolutely exhausted...
Welcome to the family little one!

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Natalie said...

Such a cutie! Glad you got to go visit!