March 14, 2011

25 Weeks and Update

Our little non-napper is doing a little better. There were a couple days last week when he didn't nap, but the majority of the time he does well. Especially if we get his stuffed animals all wrapped up and ready for bed first. He's a little sweetie.

We woke up to a winter wonderland outside. Sigh. It's beautiful and I typically love snow, but I am really really ready for Spring. Whine, whine.
Here's our little girl at 25 weeks. I love her little elf nose in this one. Too cute. She is so active, and we're getting so excited to meet her.
Here's me with Jeanette, my sister. This was taken 2 weeks ago. Jeanette is about ready to have her little guy - just 2 weeks to go!
Here's me. I was 23 weeks in this one. And yes, I'm wearing Jeanette's shirt here.
I'm happy to be carrying this little girl. I'm excited to meet her, and glad that this pregnancy is going well other than my hormones making me overly emotional. I have had a lot of problems with getting upset at silly things, being overly tired, not being able to address issues easily, and all those other oh-so-fun things. Bleh.

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