September 18, 2010


Last Saturday we invited some friends to the park to make S'mores. It was fun! We even got some additions/uninvited guests to our party, including none other than a little girl who narrated Michael starting the fire (step by annoying step- seriously the kid wouldn't be quiet) and the homeless guy who proclaimed himself to be a "homeless kind of guy and a daddy day-care kind of guy." Not quite sure what that meant, but he was nice enough.
Andrew enjoying his first marshmallow. Yes, the entire thing in at once. That's how he rolls.
Almost everybody. I think we're missing 2 little guys and my husband.
None other than our very own Natalie Bell, extremely excited by her marshmallow skills (which were far superior to my own). And yes, that's my husband in the background, and no, he wasn't trying to push the pregnant girl into the fire.
Oh, and the homeless guy was playing, "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash in the background. Very fitting.

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