September 5, 2010

15 months

Little Andrew is now 15 months old! Today the Primary presidency was talking about kids going into nursery by next year, and I realized our little guy was one of those kids!! I can't believe it. He's only getting more fun with time, so we're excited to see what he does next. (We just hope he doesn't do it while standing on the table or ripping apart dead flies.........anymore.)
"Hi. I'm innocent. Now look away for awhile and don't suspect a thing."
Such a happy little friend.

A wrestling match with the blankets must have exhausted him. (This is his preferred sleeping method.)

This is what we get when we say to smile at the camera.

We love our little guy.


Beth Phillips said...

Too cute when he sleeps!

Mom said...

Ripping apart dead flies?? I must have missed that one.

lizS said...

what a doll! and i LOVE those grins!!