February 11, 2010


Tomorrow Andrew is having his surgery. Today I have been a basket case. I'm sure it'll all be okay. I just can't WAIT for it to be over with...

In this picture, please ignore -

1. the snot under his nose.

2. the crazy look in his eyes. Yikes.

3. the cut above his eye - no idea which of his little escapades caused that.

4. the dried food on his nostrils

5. the sticky-up eyebrow

DO notice the little baby tooth. If you look closely you'll see that the one next door is coming in also. I'm going to miss his gummy grin, but those teeth are pretty cute, too!

Hanging out under his crib. Love those baby curls on the sides...

FYI - His vest was puffing out in front, that isn't a huge gut.

I love that baby...a lot.
Don't know if that was obvious.

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The Hawks said...

Maya is probably going to have to have eye surgery, so I know what you're going through. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!