February 12, 2010


Andrew's surgery was this morning. Everything is okay, and he was a real trooper throughout the whole thing. He got pretty hungry and tired right before he went into surgery and was starting to break down, but anytime someone came in, he'd perk right up and give them big smiles. He's such a little sweetie.
Here he is in pre-op.

Here he is with Daddy. That was the smallest gown they had..... He's sporting a little shoulder there. (Can you tell we woke up at 5:00 this morning?)

Taking a stroll around the room. Not quite sure what happened to his other foot.

Snoozing on the way home. Poor little tired guy. It was really strange to see him all drugged up and out of it. He was also all red and puffy from the anesthesia.

We are so grateful that Heavenly Father watched over him, and to all of you for all of your prayers and well-wishes. Yay, it's over! :)


timpani76 said...

Yay! I'm so glad he's doing well. I hope your nerves are doing as well as your little man!

Natalie said...

Woohoo! You made it! Can't wait to see him...after all he missed out on all the fun in the waiting room :)

lizS said...

i'm so glad it went well, and it's OVER!! hugs for you, and squeeze that boy for me!