February 1, 2010

Our New Little Arrival

Thanks to the tooth fairy for the little deposit.

It's a lower tooth, and I'm glad for him that it's come through. Sorry about the lack of pictures lately. We're having some camera/computer issues that I'm trying to fix. In the meantime........can someone please explain to me how my newborn became an infant? Wasn't he just born yesterday??? Now he has a tooth, and when you hold his hands, he walks forward...........I'm happy to see him doing all these new things, but am so sad to say goodbye to my tiny one.

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lizS said...

for a minute i was like, what the CRAP?! how can he be loosing teeth already?! lol! and so funny, karen, i was the opposite of you. i could not WAIT for my babies to grow up just a little bit. new born stage is not for me! ;P