December 21, 2008

What were they thinking?

I doubt I've ever been more frightened than the last few minutes of looking at these vintage ads. First off, get that kid some braces. Second, why is he so happy to eat hot dogs and spaghetti?
If that were my kid, I'd sleep with my eyes open and a bat by my bed.
The thing that really scares me about this is the hungry look she's giving her mother's hand. Unnatural....and frightening....


timpani76 said...

Ok, I did not even notice the look the girl was giving her mom's hand. Cannibal girl! ROFL

Jeanette and Jason said...

As soon as I saw the last picture I started laughing out loud and then when I read your caption I was laughing even harder. Too funny. The other pictures are creepy but this one takes the cake. Still now looking at the picture makes me laugh. Good grief.