March 28, 2016

What the Jacobs Kids Say

These kids have a LOT to say.  They're always making me laugh, and it's so hard to get everything down.  Here's a few things I've been able to record lately.
Don't let that sweet smile fool you, he can be a handful at the table.  He LOVES blowing raspberries when he's eating.  It's 50% frustrating and 50% adorable.
Emily and the boys were racing around the yard.  When she got to me, she said, "I'm as fast as a Cheeto!!"
Charlie playing Connect 4 with Daddy - "Cool game, dude!'
On Saturday (day before Easter), I put Emily to bed and then forgot something in the room.  I came back in after being gone for probably a minute or so.  Emily was lying there very still with her eyes squeezed shut.  She peeked up at me and said, "Oh, Mommy.  I thought you were the Easter Bunny!"
He made a garden with toys, etc and was watering it.
Charlie - "My tummy's getting lot of burpin'.  Yep, a lot of burps.  That means we need to make lunch 10 times!"
Charlie - "I also went poop in the potty!  I'm like a machine!"
Emily sings Baa Baa Black Sheep, but thinks the words are "Baa baa black sheep, have you any moles?"  I'm proud of my future livestock dermatologist.
Helping me scrub the floor
Charlie is now potty trained!!!  I asked him if he needed to go the other day and he said, "No, I'm just full of energy."
Andrew put a coin in his mouth the other day and accidently swallowed it.  He came sobbing hysterically to me saying he had a penny caught in his throat.  I calmed him down, talked to the doctor, and explained the poor, unfortunate coin's fate.  Emily was grossed out beyond anything.  I said, "Yeah, it's pretty gross."  Andrew piped up, "But kind of cool."
Andrew- "It's too bad you'll be a grandma.  You make a great mom." 
Apparently he thought I wouldn't be his mom when I became a grandma.  He was relieved when I explained it to him.
When he wants a bottle, he crawls around saying, "Na na!! Na na!!!"  Pretty cute, little guy.
Henry loves when his brothers and his sister are sitting or lying on the ground.  He hurries over and crawls all over them, happily slapping them in the face.  He's big into drumming his hands on chairs and tables and everything....unfortunately that includes people. :)
I came in and the scriptures were all over the ground. 
Me:  "Oh no.  What's on the ground that shouldn't be?"
Emily with bowed head, turns her eyes up to me and said very solemnly: "The scriptionaries."
Emily drew our family as "rainbow babies."
 Emily after I took away something she was pretending was a sword because she was being rude - "But now how will I protect myself from pedators, and babies, and kids of humans?!?!?!"
Andrew's leprechaun
 Andrew- "I kind of like rainbows.  They're like a party for your eyes that everyone's invited to see."
Andrew wanted to play with Charlie and he didn't want to, so he said, "I don't want to.  I don't like you."  Andrew went into his room and sobbed.  I brought C in and told him he shouldn't say things like that.  Charlie watched him for awhile, then started to cry. 
Charlie:  "I love you, Andrew!  I'll play wif you.  I promise."
Andrew, wiping away tears: "Really?  You will? You promise?"
I loved watching the love they have for each other.  I wasn't going to make them play together, and it was just too sweet to see him feel love for his brother and want to make him happy again.
Cute little Henry loves taking baths.
Emily - "Daddy, were you a girl baby or a boy baby?"
I looked over and it looked she was just a head.
Emily - "Oops, dropped it.  Can someone get my spoonie?"
The kids were eating a picnic lunch outside and I was in the kitchen cleaning up.  I overheard Charlie say, "This is the best lunch EVER!"  Andrew then said, "That's cause we have the best Mom ever."
It made me cry, and made me happy to be the mom of such wonderful kids.

Hitting the Town

Because it's been a very crazy, stressful year and because we like each other so dang much, Mike and I decided to head to Branson for a weekend together.  My mom came and watched the kids (no easy feat- thanks Mom!!!!) and they had a great time.  So did we!!!  I kept trying to take care of the kids, even when they weren't there.  i.e I would think things like "Ok, we need to plan around naptimes...wait, no we don't...." or "Oh, we can't eat there, there's nothing for the kids to eat....wait.  Doesn't matter."  We missed them like crazy, but it was pretty freeing!
Freeeeee!!!!!!!  Wheeeeeee!!!!!
Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we headed to an Irish pub and split a Rueben.  Yum. :)
Mike told me I was the cute one.  I attempted a cute picture, but got this instead.  :)
I have no idea why we're both holding this glass....
This was mango cake.  DELICIOUS!!!!!!!  I loved it so much.  And that blueberry was mondo.
We went sunglass shopping in the rain.  We were cute.
Don't be intimidated by how cool we are.  We still love you.
Thai food - the best invention ever.
I forgot I didn't have contacts with me, so I attempted the double glasses look.  It was awesome.
Very awesome.
We saw this show, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  We were so glad we went, and I totally recommend it.  The musical talent was astounding and we smiled the whole way through.
It was a great trip, especially since we got to be together for a couple days in a really relaxing place.  We just hung out and read in the hot tub for hours.  Preeetty sure I got dehydrated, but happily so.

March 20, 2016

Chop Chop

Hair.  I NEVER know what to do with it.  Well, my amazing friend Meagan moved back to Bolivar (YAY!!!!) and she cut my hair.  I always worry that it just looks like a bunch of hair, and it kept getting in my way.
 Emily got her hair cut too.  She has very pretty hair, but her spunky little personality definitely lends itself better to short hair.
Mine had really gotten long.
We all went outside and watched ants on an apple and put out yarn for the birds to use in their nests.  You can kind of see Em's haircut here.
And here's mine.  I need to learn how to "do" my hair, but I love not having so much of it!
Well, hi, little cutie!
And I'm officially in love with these two.
It's nice to have them around.

Why Do We Do This To Ourselves?

These pictures were taken the same day, 1 minute apart.  I turned on my phone to take a picture of something and it was turned toward me.  It looked so horrible that I had to snap a photo.
Then I turned it around and took this one, and overprocessed it.  Why do we look at horrible photos of ourselves and get depressed?  It's literally just one moment in time, in a bad light, or in a bad angle.  Yet we look at it and think, "YEP!  I'm hideous.  I KNEW it."
I think we need to be nicer to ourselves.

Also, phone cameras need to shut off if you turn them on at such unattractive angles so you don't look at the phone and say, "Ugh."  But I'm just dreaming there.

Want to Be Friends? Check yes or no...

Lately I've been really thinking about friends.  As kids, we make friends so quickly.  Emily told me the other day that she played with her best friend at the Y.  Her name?  Who knows.  But she wore purple butterfly clips, and she was AWESOME.
So why do we as people feel the need to have friends?  Is it purely so we can be justified in thinking that we're pretty good company?  Is it so we learn and grow from each other?  Is it so we can borrow their purple butterfly clips?
There are so many levels of "friends."  There are people you adore and consider friends, but you just haven't spent a lot of time with them one on one.  There are your "best" friends that you feel you know better than anyone. 
There are your partners-in-crime.  These are, for me, usually my family members (and obviously Emily feels the same.)  If you're lucky enough to have a family member as a friend, you have a strong bond and someone who shares a plethora of memories with you.  I feel that way about my sisters, and about my husband.
Friends bring an element of fun.  You can act ridiculous around them.  You can go on and on about how much you love a new recipe, and they'll calmly listen to you go on and on about it.  They will get up and dance with you in a painting session.  They will laugh with you about the silly things you do.
Friends are there when you need them.  They help provide a balance.
When they leave, or when you leave, it often leaves a hole in your heart.  (Come back, Beccy!!!) 
Friends allow a bit of goofiness into our lives.
Or maybe a lot of goofiness. 
(Reisners and Guerras - it's definitely triple date time again!)
We were so super lucky in Bolivar to meet so many people who filled so many roles.  I really felt such support and love there from all of them.  And now that we've moved, it feels weird.
(PSA:  Don't try to use Honey Maid crackers for gingerbread houses.  They crumble.)
I don't think it's simple to make friends.  How do you say to someone, "Hey!  I think you're a neat person.  I don't think I'm so bad, either.  Wanna be friends?"
It's not like I think they'll say no, but seriously how do you approach that?
There have been a few people I've met here in Springfield that seem so AMAZING.  I want to be their friend.  I think I'm going to have to just have the guts to essentially ask to be buddies.  I won't actually give them a note that says "Wanna be friends?  Check yes or no." but I'm going to have to put myself out there. 
Because friends are important.  I've learned so much from them throughout my life, and I don't want to miss out on an opportunity to get to know someone I'll love so much because I'm scared.
I've said friend a LOT in this post.  Pals, amigos, buddies, comrades?  Just be mine. :)