March 28, 2016

Hitting the Town

Because it's been a very crazy, stressful year and because we like each other so dang much, Mike and I decided to head to Branson for a weekend together.  My mom came and watched the kids (no easy feat- thanks Mom!!!!) and they had a great time.  So did we!!!  I kept trying to take care of the kids, even when they weren't there.  i.e I would think things like "Ok, we need to plan around naptimes...wait, no we don't...." or "Oh, we can't eat there, there's nothing for the kids to eat....wait.  Doesn't matter."  We missed them like crazy, but it was pretty freeing!
Freeeeee!!!!!!!  Wheeeeeee!!!!!
Since it was St. Patrick's Day, we headed to an Irish pub and split a Rueben.  Yum. :)
Mike told me I was the cute one.  I attempted a cute picture, but got this instead.  :)
I have no idea why we're both holding this glass....
This was mango cake.  DELICIOUS!!!!!!!  I loved it so much.  And that blueberry was mondo.
We went sunglass shopping in the rain.  We were cute.
Don't be intimidated by how cool we are.  We still love you.
Thai food - the best invention ever.
I forgot I didn't have contacts with me, so I attempted the double glasses look.  It was awesome.
Very awesome.
We saw this show, and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!!  We were so glad we went, and I totally recommend it.  The musical talent was astounding and we smiled the whole way through.
It was a great trip, especially since we got to be together for a couple days in a really relaxing place.  We just hung out and read in the hot tub for hours.  Preeetty sure I got dehydrated, but happily so.

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