February 11, 2016

Three Year Old

Was this really three years ago?!  I mean, he has kind of looked and acted like he was three for quite awhile, so yeah, I can in a way.  But in another way, I can't believe that tiny baby has grown so much.  But a few weeks ago when I asked Mike if he could believe Charlie was almost three, he said, "Finally.  It's feels like he's been lying about his age for a long time."  Hilariously true.
Back then, we were excited, naturally, for our baby boy to be born.  The older kids couldn't wait for another kid to join the family.  But we had no idea what we were truly waiting for.
We were waiting for Charlie.  He turned out to be just what our family needed.  He fit in perfectly, and added a spark of pure joy to our lives. 
He is funny.  So funny.  He's very sweet, and makes people happy wherever he goes.  He just loves life.  Everything is interesting to him.  He's grateful for the things we do for him.  He is a sweet big brother, and a fun little brother.  His smile lights up the room, and his excitement is infectious. 
We are so glad to have our Charlie boy in our lives.  Happy 3rd Birthday, big guy!
Answers to my questions:
Age:  6....well, almost 3....or 7.
Favorite Color:  ORANGE!!!
How old are you today?:  I like six.  And mushrooms. (marshmallows)
Favorite food:  Ice cream....or cake!
Favorite thing to do:  Play with my orange block with Andrew.  I call him, "Ahhhh-drew!" and he says "What?"  And I say play orange block with me, and he say "Okay."  He loves orange and me.
Favorite Song:  Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

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