December 1, 2014

How is Baby Spelled?

We got our ultrasound today to determine the gender of the baby.  So how do we spell baby in this family?  So far we have...
Baby boy Andrew
Baby girl Emily
Baby boy Charlie
Well in our family we spell baby B-O-Y!
Now to think of names.  Andrew says we should name him Charlie.  Because he LOVES that name.  Emily and I are definitely outnumbered now, but we are all very excited about our newest little man. 


Stephanie Doty said...

My Dad's name is Harry Charles, but is goes by Charlie... You can always keep "Charles" as a middle name an option for his nickname Charlie. :) I named my son Ethan Charles, but he goes by Ethan.

kirsten said...

aw congrats! brothers are awesome.

drew said...

Well, as Michael responded to me when I told him his ladies were now drastically outnumbered, "But they still control the congressional hearings". Can't wait to see you all!