December 11, 2014

Excited for a Boy

  We love having our little girl, especially since she seems to be doing much better lately with controlling her tantrums and has calmed down a LOT.  (YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  But I'm telling you, this week I have been so excited knowing this little baby is a boy.  Why you ask?  Because our current boys are so cute, and funny, and amazing!  Here are some funny/sweet things Charlie has said lately.
When I tell him to smell things, he always licks the air first, then sniffs.  I'm not sure if he's part snake or what.  But he's cute.
This morning, Charlie came in with a cup and here was the interchange:
            Charlie:  Mommy, wha' happen?
            Me:  I don't know what happened, pal.  Is there a mess?
            C:  Yeah, mess.  An-wew mess.  Water. 
            Me:  Andrew made the mess with the water?  Why do you have the cup then?
            C:  *stares at the cup for a while then gives me a mischevious little smile, knowing his logic 
                  is flawed.*  Uhhhh....yeah.
              Yeah, this kid is getting too smart already.
His answers to things are either "Coo." (cool) or "Oquay." (Okay.)
Charlie has started trying to be the little boss man.  When people ask a question, he will jump in with the answer before we get a chance to.  i.e. - "Can I have a banana?"  "Sure, An-wew.  Sure.  Banana."  or he'll try to punish the other kids if he thinks they're misbehaving.  Or we'll sit down to eat and he'll say, "Oquay, fold arms.  Em-mo-me.  Fold!  An-wew, say pwayer?"  Sometimes I wonder if my job is being taken over.  And sometimes I'm oquay with it.
The other day, he and I were snuggling on the couch and I was asking if he was a boy or girl.  Everytime I said girl he said, "Em-mo-me!" But then eventually I just said, "Charlie, are you a boy?" and he said, "I Mommy's boy!"  Let's just say he's getting extra Christmas cookies this year.
He gets so upset when we go to get his coat and hat on, because he wants a pink one like Emily.  So he was super excited the other day when she was distracted and he was able to wear some of her stuff.
He basically wears my shoes more than I do.
 Charlie has been such a perfect addition to our already very happy family.  We're all excited to see what the next baby will be like!  (P.S. My neice says we should name him either Sam the Snowman or Glitterpants. Thoughts?)

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Laura said...

I vote Glitterpants. 'Cause that won't screw him up!