November 4, 2014

Scooter Boy Turned to Concussion Kid

 Michael got in an accident on his scooter that flipped the whole thing, wrecking it, and scraping him up.  He also got a concussion and scared us all half to death.  He was normal at first, then went downhill fairly quickly.  He was slurring, saying things like, "Hospital is where they die." and staring in space.  Andrew came up to him and asked him a question, and he answered slowly and slurring all while staring off into nowhere and looking like he was going to fall asleep sitting up.  Some of his co-workers came by the house to check on him and ended up giving up their entire evening bringing him to urgent care, then the ER.  They brought us all dinner and stayed with him the whole time.  I got a million texts of concern and offers to come watch the kids.  Everyone expressed their love and concern.  No one judged me for staying home with the kids while they did all the hospital work. 
When his co-workers stopped by the office to get some work to do while waiting at the ER, he went up to a broken down, nasty truck and wouldn't come back to their car, because he was convinced that there were either chickens or puppies in there.  They had to go lead him back to the car.  Then he was mad at them because it would have been awesome if it had been puppies.  Makes sense.  :)
  The logical part of my brain kept trying to reign in my crazy pregnancy brain, but I still ended up basically bawling all night until he was on his way home.  Thoughts of what they could find, thoughts of what if he hadn't been wearing a helmet, and just basically thoughts of trying to stop crying just made me cry harder.  I was pathetic.  Seriously pathetic, and the normal part of my brain was looking at me with wide-eyed wonder/horror.  So I was super grateful for the normal people in our lives for taking care of Mike.
  Two of our friends from church came to the hospital, too.  Part of my crying like a baby was also from the extreme outpouring of love I felt from so many of our friends and family.  I also really felt the Savior's love and His attempts to calm me down.  :)
  I can't begin to thank everyone who helped that day, both physically and with kind words and support.  I realize he turned out to be okay and nothing terribly serious happened, but it was scary and he's getting better and I'm just so grateful.
 Thank you!

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Mom said...

I feel bad that we weren't there to help out while you were all going through this hard time. I'm so thankful that it all turned out okay. Has he gone back to work yet? Do make him take it easy as long as you can.