November 7, 2014

Funny Talkers

Here's Andrew fixing Emily's hair.  He said it was becoming pretty, prettier, prettiest.
Me:  You're such a great kid.  Where did I get such a great kid?
Andrew:  From your tummy.

Emily looking in the toilet - "Oooo, it's so dark and spooky in there!"

Emily: Dad, I need my smokes!
Daddy:  Did you just say you need your smokes?
E: Yes!  I need my smokes.  My smokes!  MY SMOKES!!!!!!!!
Then she proceeded to freak out while we tried not to laugh too hard and racked our brains trying to figure out what the heck she wanted.

Overheard -
Andrew:  Emily, are you forgetting something important?
Emily:  What, Andrew?
A:  I love you.
E:  I love you, too.

Charlie had a really fun time with Halloween this year, which he calls 'Ween.  He has become quite the candy monster.  If I have to hear him begging for the candy in the pumpkin (Punky Ween!  Punky Ween!!) one more time, I may lose my mind.  One day he came in and said, "It's Ween!  I like Ween!"  Pretty cute.

We were heading to a friend's house when I remembered to grab a diaper for the bag.  Charlie followed me and grabbed about 6 diapers. 
Me:  Charlie, I don't think we need that many, unless you're planning on going potty a LOT.  Like, a whole lot.
Charlie: *Looks at the diapers for about 15 seconds*  Uh.......yeeeah.
Me: You're planning on going a whole lot?
Charlie:  Oh yeah.

When Charlie wants help with something, he always asks me to "open door."

Today Mike told Emily to stop putting the milk from her cereal on the table.  Andrew told us that "Emily is not grown up yet, like 5.  She's just learning how to eat cereal.  She's not grown up like me."

Last night Michael and Andrew were reading a  book on animals, and they saw and owl.
Andrew:  Dad, do you think this owl is wild or crucified?
Michael: *brief silence*  Do you mean wild or domesticated?
A: Oh, yeah.
M:  Well, I think it's wild.
A:  Oh, no. It's domesticased because it doesn't try to eat me.
When we were in the car listening to a song, it said something about a popcorn stand.
Andrew:  A popcorn stand?!
Charlie: Oh no!!!  Popcorn.  Stand.  Oh no!
            I'm really not sure what he thought a popcorn stand was.
They crack me up!

I would like to title this picture, "I made a mistake and went to the bathroom while the kids were eating spaghetti."  Charlie.  Oh, Charlie.
The picture doesn't really accurately show the horror that was spaghetti sauce all over the walls, table, chairs, and the boy, so I decided to recreate my face when I saw it.
And yes, I still love them.

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Laura said...

Exactly when did your 3 year old take up smoking?