June 5, 2014

Resolution Check-in (May)

1.  Lose 50 pounds  Let's just say that I gained some weight, and move on.  June is hopefully going to be better.  Geesh, Karen.

Read 50 books. I read three books last month, so I'm up to 12.  Yay.  :)

3.  Read the scriptures more this year.  Going great!  I even read on my vacation every day, which has not been the case in the past.  :)  I also started doing scripture study with the kids in the morning, and that is going really well, too.  It's super short and usually is just a scripture story while they're eating.

4.   Spend time/Read to kids each day  Still going well.  There are days that are better than others, but we definitely read a lot of books and play a lot more together.  I've been encouraging them to play more with each other, too.  This causes more fights, but they now have specific games they like to play with each other (Emmie likes playing letters with Charlie, Andrew likes to play cars with Emmie, etc.)

May= a fun month, resulting in some good and some bad habits.

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