September 15, 2013


I had been wondering lately how Andrew would do if we started some simple schoolwork.  He has always loved learning, and is really into books, so I figured it was worth a shot. 
 Holy smokes.  Yes.  The boy LOVES school.  He begs to do it all day long, and does an amazing job. 
 He even wrote his name for the first time!  I was so excited!  He has been doing really well writing letters for a long time, but refused to write actual words.  He drew Mike a picture and wanted to put it in an envelope as a surprise.

And he wrote this without any prompting on the spelling, thank you very much!  :)
Yes, I look a little worse for wear, but I was just excited (hence the clapping).  This was his first day of "school."
 He was pretty proud of himself.
 Good job, smart boy!

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Mom AKA Grandma said...

Yea, Andrew. Grandma is very proud of you.