September 29, 2013


Charlie wanted to tell you something:
 Since we have an abnormal amount of Michaels on my side of the family, and since we have a pretty amazing one living in our house, we decided to celebrate Michaelmas this year.  We looked up on Wikipedia what it actually was and then decided to just eat food Mike likes and spend time together as a family.  If you're interested in the actually holiday, here's the link.
 Mike grilled up some chicken thighs, and our baby bird stood by him with her mouth wide open saying, "Ahhhhhhh...." over and over until Mike would feed her some of the chicken.  She does this every night when I'm making dinner.  :)  My but that little gal loves to eat.
 I think he is so handsome.  But I may be biased.

We had chicken, mashed potatoes, and broccoli with cheese sauce.  Then for dessert we had one of Mike's creations called Cookie Cream.  It's just whipped cream mixed with crushed up Oreos.  You refrigerate it until the cookies get soft.  And it is goooood.
After he finished his cookie cream, he said he would feed Emily.  She took a bite and Andrew then took a bite.  I told him it was Emmie's and he said, "But Mom, we just sharin'."  He was pretty excited when she didn't want anymore and proceeded to stuff his tiny face while humming and dancing.  He was pretty happy.

Emily is all girl, choosing purple or pink anytime she gets a chance.  We love our new kid-friendly cups/bowls/plates.  (Thanks, Amy!!)  Poor baby fell off her chair, but she was okay.

 I firmly believe everyone should have a happy-go-lucky baby and wigs in the house.  Since acquiring the latter, C has been subjected to wigs anytime I feel frustrated or am having a bad day.  It always makes me laugh and cheers me up.  As soon as I put it on his head, he looks at me with this sly little smile because he knows I'm going to crack up.  Then he smiles and squeals.  Boy do we love our little baby!
But luckily, he cheers me up all the time, even sans wig.  He loves Cheerios and even ate a little broccoli tonight with his sister, the cheerleader saying, "Mmmmmm, it's good, Charlie!"
Taking a picture of Emily?  How about I jump in the picture instead?  :)  They both look so adorable in both of these shots.

The food was good, the kids were cute, Mike was wonderful, and it was great to spend time together.  I think we'll continue the tradition with more planning next year.  :)


The Reynders said...

Love this! What a fun and unique family tradition to start. You have such a cut family. Love those kids. Peter was hovering over my shoulder as I read this post. He loved seeing his friends in the pictures, but he especially loved the ones of Andrew stilling the shot from Emily. He said through his laughter,, "Andrew's being silly."

Mom said...

I was visiting with Mike's mom a couple of days ago and we both agreed that you do more fun things in your home than most people we know. This was a fun idea. I'll have to go back and read your link to the actual holiday now.