July 7, 2013


*Disclaimer:  Yes, I am aware I am wearing the same shirt in all of these pictures.  No, I don't wear that shirt every day.  Yes, I own other shirts.  No, I'm not sure how I managed to wear that shirt every time we took pictures.  And yes, I will begin this post.
A couple weeks ago, we went on a double date with our friends Chad and Michelle.  We had a BALL.  We went to this great little Mediterranean place for dinner, then walked around downtown and took pictures of our us with a picture of our friend Nathan who is a lawyer here in town.  They have all the lawyers' pictures on the side of the building.  For some reason, we couldn't stop laughing.  Then we went to their house and played games.  It was super fun.

Emmie likes to pick out her pjs now.  She and Andy were watching some Saturday morning cartoons.

The 4th of July was fun.  We had blue pancakes with strawberries and powdered sugar for breakfast, tried to talk about our great country to the kiddos, played outside, ate hot dogs for dinner, and set off some of our own fireworks and threw little poppers.  I am grateful to be an American, and grateful for the freedoms I enjoy.

Like the freedom of expression.  Emily has that one down pat.  Yes, that's a happy meal box on her head.  Mike took Andrew on a lunch date last week.  Andy LOVED it, and talked about it the rest of the day.  It made him feel so special.  Emmie was just grateful for the new hat.

Happy first Independence Day, little/big guy.  (Anyone else amazed at how fast our little almost 5 month old is growing?!)  Charlie continues to amaze us with his sweet little personality, and his cheerful attitude.  We love him so dearly.

Ignoring the mess in the background, here we all our putting in "our contacts." 

We went to a birthday party for Mike's friend/co-worker's little girl's birthday.  They had it at the Springfield Zoo.  The kids had an absolute ball.

No pun intended.

Um, have you ever seen anything cuter than Charlie in a little bear mask???  It didn't phase him in the slightest.  He is such an awesome little baby because he just goes with the flow.  Mike and I really wish we'd tried more masks on him and taken more pictures.  My heavens he looked cute.

Em got her first haircut!  She realllllllly needed it, and Meagan cut it for us.  She did a great job, and Emmie looks so cute.

Such a little princess.
It's been a good few weeks!  :)

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Mom said...

Karen, you are looking good. She did a really good job on your haircut and on Emily's too. You both look cute. So nice that you could go to the zoo. Kids love looking at the animals. It looks like the weather was nice that day too. Charlie is so much bigger than when I saw him last, which is of course much too long ago. Actually it's been too long since I've seen all of you.