July 18, 2013


Our Andrew has become so creative lately.  We are so proud of him. 
 Here he is with one of his inventions.  "Stwings on a lotta stuff."  What have we done without this so far?
 He's really been onto this block kick lately.  Here is a car and a garage.  I'm so happy that he's started branching out to doing more than just towers. 
 He even added some windows.  You can't really see it in these pictures, but they're there. 
He started making letters, shapes, and then a birdhouse out of his pretzels and raisins. (Emmie did it too, but all of hers looked like 2 lines. :))

 He made a town out of blocks and tools, including a gas station, signs, and a stoplight.
Me: "Um....Andrew?"
Andrew:  "No, Mom.  It IS a good idea to put blocks in my underwear."
Sometimes creativity can go a little far.
:)  I love this little guy.


The Reynders said...

It's so great to see their imaginations at work. That last picture is hilarious! Andrew is awesome!

timpani76 said...

ha ha! love it!

Mom said...


Michelle said...

um...we totally have a lot of legos and train tracks. maybe he'd equally enjoy building with those...just as long as he doesn't stick them in his underwear :)