February 22, 2013

The Other Two

My attention has lately been on the baby, but the other two kiddos have been ridiculously adorable as well.  I just love my little ones.
Emily watching herself on Daddy's iPad.

The kids have been so sweet to their baby brother.

Andrew's really been getting creative lately with his play.  He loves blocks, crafts, etc. 

Emily and I were on the phone with Aunt Jeanette.  She kept asking me to put the Mr. Potato Head glasses on her, and then eventually she tried to put them on herself.  She did a great job, huh?  :)

There's a picture of me as a little girl wearing these glasses, too.  Pretty cute.

What are you guys doing?  "Buildin'."

"Here dee go, An-dew."

This girl really knows how to accessorize.

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Laura said...

Love these sweet, adorable, and incredibly weird (was there ever any doubt) children!