June 29, 2012

What's New With Emily?

I really really can't believe Emily is already a year old.  She is completely starting to turn into a toddler right before my eyes.  Em has 4 teeth now.  It took her a really long time to get one, but the other 3 have come pretty quickly.  She also has another that should be coming in soon.  She loves to talk.  She says: Dance, An-doo (Andrew), Daddy, Dad, Mama (sometimes....), I did it!, No, Eat, and some others that I can't think of now.  It's interesting to have a talker since Andrew wasn't.  She will sometimes attack Andrew when he isn't looking, and it's pretty funny.  Andrew loves it.
  She learned to walk last week, and has gotten pretty good at it!  She is really enjoying her new mobility.  Here are her stats:
Height: 30" (77%)
Weight:  22 lbs 12 oz (80%)
 Emily is sweet, loves to cuddle, is super duper silly, loves to eat, carries things in her mouth, colors with crayons, and sings and dances to herself.  The other day we caught her trying to sing her ABCs.  (Andrew loves letters right now, and so we talk about and sing them all the time)  We were amazed at how much of it we understood. She stays in tune pretty well, especially for someone so little.  She'll repeat back notes to you.  It's pretty adorable.  We really love having this little sweetheart in our lives.  She is a joy to know and love.  Love you, little darling.


Josh and Jennifer Norman said...

Emily and Alex weigh the exact same right now (he is almost 20 months old). I have a little guy, I guess :)

By the way, Your kiddos are adorable!

Mom said...

I remember commenting when she was 9 months how light she felt; now at 1 year -- not so much.

I can see where she bumped her head in the last picture. Poor baby.

Natalie said...

Walking?! What?! It has clearly been too long since we've seen you guys! We need to have you over to our new place soon...