June 29, 2012

What's New With Andrew?

I still can't believe Andrew is 3!  He is growing up so fast, and I just love my little sweetheart.  He had his 3rd birthday checkup yesterday.  I'm so sad that we'll have to get a new pediatrician.  I really like Dr. Wheeler, and Andrew and Emily like him too.  Here are his stats:

Height:  39 3/4" (90%)
Weight:  35.4  (85%)

  He is really big for his age.  He is such a sweetheart.  He didn't like getting his shots, but was so sweet to Emily after she got hers, telling her, "It's okayy Elowee.  Shots all done!"  He didn't want Dr. Wheeler to use the stethescope.  We explained to him that he had to make sure his heart was okay.  Andrew said, "Thump thump.  Thump thump.  See?  It's okay."  It was hilarious.  He also hates when anyone tries to look in his ears.  He kept saying, "No thanks!  No thanks!" which would have been polite except for the fact that he kept pushing the doctor away.  :)
  We're proud of our little guy.  He has trouble sitting still for any (literally, any) period of time, but he really loves to read, paint, and wrestle with Daddy and Emily.  She sometimes likes it. :)  He loves dandelions, singing with us, and running.
  He's a great big brother, and a sweet little son.  I really like my little 3 year old!  :)

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Mom said...

I remember that doctor appointment with both of them one year ago (right after Emily was born). Sorry I wasn't still there to go with you for this one.

"Thump, thump. It's ok." That's really funny.