July 4, 2010


We were in Salem for the 4th of July weekend. Here's Jason (Jeanette's husband) with his birthday pies. :)
Andrew revolutionizing the use of bubblewrap. It's not just for packing and temporary casts anymore....
Here's Andrew at Pizza Hut. He ate 2 peices of pizza, plus a bunch of other stuff. Growing boy! He's also wearing a shirt that used to belong to his daddy when he was small. Ca-ute!
At home watching Blue's Clues. He was apparently feeling pretty relaxed.
We went to the Fox theater last week and saw Wicked with our friends Natalie and Quentin. It was awesome, of course, and we had a great weekend!!!
Watching Daddy mow the lawn.
Proof that he's not pleasant all the time. I believe I wouldn't let him hold the camera here.
Eating peas. I think he looks adorable here.

Sorry that most of these are of Andrew, but he's the main subject at our house. :)

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timpani76 said...

Babies are the main subject for everyone who has them ;) Seriously, on my third one, and she's all I talk about it seems like!