July 29, 2010


So after a week of boxing up all our stuff, cleaning, scrubbing, unpacking, cutting my toe, sweating like crazy, getting sore from head to toe, I thought we were in need of a break. No such luck.
1. Washing machine started leaking oil- got it fixed. Luckily it only cost $40.

2. Found out one of the family room corners was wet (still don't know why, but I'm sure it is a leak in the foundation) and so all the boxes stacked in that corner got soaked. Water damage to our books. Lovely. Luckily it was only about 20 or so and the damage wasn't too extensive.

3. Filled a cart full of groceries, Andrew was freaking out and starving, so I opened a box of Cheez-its and he ate those. Came to find out my credit card wouldn't go through at the register so had to wait for Michael to leave his work at the school to come bail me out.

4. Set Andrew down for a minute while trying to call the credit card company to find out why my card wasn't going through. Andrew ran into the ajoining Subway, into their kitchen, and all the way back into the storeroom before I could catch him.

I deserved a break. So while Andrew was napping, I headed over to www.awkwardfamilyphotos.com and laughed so hard I was crying. Here's a little taste of the hilarity.

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Mom said...

Sorry you had those troubles after we left. It's par to the course though. I wish I could have been there when Andrew ran into the Subway kitchen. Frustrating but funny.