November 14, 2015

Before and After

I wanted to do something different with my hair, but wanted to keep the length, so I decided to get a perm.  It scared me to death, but I thought it would be an adventure if nothing else.
Here I am with my oh-so-lovely rollers in.  There's nothing like sitting there with a solution of what smells like cat urine on your head to make you reconsider your life.
Man I looked good.
And after!
Okay, that wasn't my real before and afters, but it always cracks me up how in the before picture, the person is typically not wearing makeup, is slouching, and just looks miserable. 
It wasn't exactly what I was thinking, but I think I like it.  It's different for sure!


Jennifer said...

I've wanted to get a perm since I was a senior in high school but I've talked myself out of it every time. Yours looks great! Fun change.

Mom said...

Karen, you look great. Of course you did before anyway, but just to say I really like your new "do".