September 8, 2014

Soccer Mom

Andrew started soccer!  And he loves it.  I guess that means I'm a soccer mom.  We all came to watch his first practice, and it was so very cute.
Although he did get a little distracted.  Like in this picture of him walking away while the coach was giving instructions.
 Here he is scoring a goal.  He was very excited.
They were all so cute.
Watching Andrew run is awesome.  He definitely has a style.  But he is definitely fast!
At first, he wouldn't kick the ball until he put his glasses on his head, spits on his hands, and then revs himself up.  The best part of this picture is the parents in the back laughing as he gets his glasses back on. 
When he met his teammates, he shook all of their hands.  It was cute, and they were all very confused.
 The other kids were so bored after a while, but they did pretty well.
And more Andrew running...
He is running here.  And it's the best picture in the world.
Good job, little buddy!!


Lynne/Mom/Grandma said...

Love it!!! Especially the one of him kicking the ball - after he is prepared. Where did he get that idea?

Laura said...

The pictures of him running look like the illustrations in my Ramona Quimby books.

Mom said...

I love the one of him running ahead of a group of other kids. Boy, does he ever look speedy in that one! I'm glad he is enjoying his soccer.