January 20, 2012

Tiny Gal

 It's been quite awhile, so I decided it was time for an Emily update!  :)  She's growing up so fast!  She will be 7 months on Sunday.  That is so crazy!  In so many ways, she still seems like my tiny newborn, but in reality she is becoming a big girl. :)
  She is hilarious!  She has the most expressive face (see above) and always has us in stitches.  Right before she goes to bed at night, she gets extremely slap happy.  Anything and everything is funny to her, and she'll keep it up as long as you let her.  She's a sweet little thing.  She loves her blankies, and pulls up the one Grandma Barnard made for her against her face and nuzzles it on her cheek before bed.  It's so cute and sweet.  She is so interested in everyone and everything around her that it's hard to get her to eat sometimes.  I used to read while feeding her, but now that is too much of a distraction.  She eats baby food, but not much and not often.  She enjoys it, but isn't as interested in that as she is in, say, her brother.  Andrew is the coolest human being alive.  Just as Emmie.
  She had a doctor's appointment on the 9th and here are her stats:
                    Height - 26" (55%)
                    Weight -14 lbs 10 oz (25%)
  We just adore this tiny baby, and are so glad she's part of our family.  Now enjoy a million pictures.
Here she is doing pushups.  She really wants to move, but hasn't figured out how to yet.  She is getting good at spinning herself in circles, pushing herself back, and flipping over and over.  She hasn't figured out that she can roll to get where she wants yet, but I'm sure that will come soon.

Sitting.  She is so adorable.  And yes, she was strapped in.

The lighting on this is awful, but this is her scrunched up nose,  silly/slightly scary smile that she gives sometimes.

Sleepy baby eating breakfast

Drink it in, world.  Drink in the cuteness.

She's working on teeth, too, and so she is constantly biting on/sucking on her bottom lip.  She looks like someone who has their dentures out actually.  It's pretty hilarious.

She loves her mobile.  Toys are super exciting to her, and her mobile is one of her top favorites.

Wiggle-worm.  I think she's outgrown this seat.

Playing with friends

Coolest. Brother. Ever.


Lori said...

A.dor.a.ble! In some of those pictures she looks exactly like Andrew! Beautiful babies

Natalie said...

I second Lori, she is starting to look a lot like Andrew! Love those leg rolls in the picture where she's coming out of her seat :)

Mom said...

I'm glad she likes the take-along-blankie. Cute, cute pictures. We just don't see you guys enough.