November 11, 2010

Movie Time

We went to my in-laws this past weekend and they showed us How To Train Your Dragon. It was so cute! I don't know what they do to these trailers to make them make the movies look so stupid, but they do. I didn't want to see this movie because of the trailer, but it was adorable, funny, and worth seeing. Plus now I want my own dragon.
We also went to see MegaMind this weekend. FUH-UH-NY! I really liked it a lot. I would probably rent it rather than spend the money to go to the theater, but it is definitely worth seeing.
And next weekend we are going to see.... Harry Potter. And I seriously can't wait!


timpani76 said...

We loved How To Train Your Dragon! Seriously, one of the most entertaining kids movies I have ever seen. We got that for Vance for his birthday. HARRY POTTER!!!!! I'm not sure how, but I hope we get to see that next weekend too.

Dereth said...

I arranged my babysitter like 2 months ago!

Lori said...

We should go see a movie sometime! We just saw Harry Potter this week and loved it! We have "How to Train Your Dragon" on the Netflix list, haha.