May 8, 2010


Andrew and I went with his aunts and an uncle to the zoo today while Michael was studying. He thought the penguins were pretty cool, even though he didn't show much emotion when the camera was on him.

When we went to the chimps, he walked up to one and said, "Dada!" I don't really think that was a compliment. Especially when he did the same thing when he saw the 400 pound orangutan. Ouch.

I don't quite see the resemblance.

Here he is outside the Science Center on a dinosaur. At the zoo, his favorite things to explore were trashcans, the ground, and other kids. Little Explorer....

Oh!!!!!!! And two more finals and I'll be married to a 2L! Woohoo! Slow and steady wins the race!


Renae said...

When Ross was one or twoish, every time we went to the library, he would point out a poster of LL Cool J at the check out desk and say "Daddy!"

Littlest Liz said...

Oh my goodness, hows that baby gettin' so big?! He is such a cute. I will come play with him. And his mommy. ;P

The Mortensens said...

your son is too cute!!