March 19, 2010

Still No Internet

Things here are going well. Michael's finishing up his first year of law school, Andrew's trying to talk and walk at the same time, and I'm doing my home stuff. Andrew's started to take a little stuffed tiger to bed, and it's the cutest thing to see him pulling that thing along with him while he crawls in his little pjs. He's the cutest. Anyway, on to the post!

I really like to cook. I mean, a lot! I'm still too whimpy to attempt anything crazy, but there's something amazing about having a bunch of vegetables, spices, meats, etc and you can literally make THOUSANDS of different foods. I mean, that's amazing! I've been watching "The French Chef", Julia Child's tv show. She is totally hilarious. She's just so real, and it's really refreshing to see that after watching all the new cooking shows nowadays. For example, when the new guys take a bite of what they just made, they always close their eyes halfway, eat a half a forkful, and then say "Mmmmm. So creamy, delicious, and just cheesy." And you think, um......that wasn't exactly believable. Then you have Julia Child - picking at the meal throughout the preparation, saying, "Oh, it's just SO good!" and you think - Yeah. She LOVES food. She LOVES cooking. I don't know if anyone else knows what I'm talking about. But Julia is my sweet new buddy, and she makes me want to cook for my family. :)

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Natasha said...

Even though you don't know me, I had to comment. (I was mission companions with your sister Jeanette and found your blog through hers). Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, you definitely have to see it! And I understand what you are talking about.