June 7, 2009

Life with Andrew

Ok. So he's really cute. My hormones have been off the charts since bringing him home. I feel good, just crying at everything that happens/doesn't happen. I seriously looked at my bruises from the IV and felt sorry for myself and started crying yesterday. Ok, that's nuts. They don't even hurt. Then there are the inevitable baby blues where you worry that your baby isn't eating enough, or that he won't freaking stop eating already or that blah blah blah.

I've gotta say though, Michael and I have really really been having a great time with our little guy. He's hilarious and so so sweet. My personal favorite thing is to see Mike and Andrew snuggling on the couch. They sure seem to like each other quite a bit. :) I like having Mike be the daddy - he's exceptionally good at it.

Jeanette came and stayed his weekend to help since Mike had to go back to work. I really appreciated it, and these pictures pretty much cracked me up. The distressed face is probably my favorite picture of him thus far. He makes that face at us all the time - kind of like, "Mom, Dad - are you two really as weird as you seem?"

Well, the little guy's crying to eat again - turns out that eating 22.5 hours a day is his favorite pasttime.


Jeanette and Jason said...

Well isn't that an attractive picture of me? :) Golly that's one adorable baby. I can't say it enough. The part when you said, "turns out that eating 22.5 hours a day is his favorite pasttime." totally made me laugh because I know it to be true. Sweet little guy.

Laura Beth said...

It's possible that he got his love of eating from our side of the family...It's equally possible that he got it from Mike's! Seriously, though, if all you ever got to eat was a few ounces of milk, you'd want to eat all of the time, too!

Renae said...

That picture is hilarious! Yay for you!

timpani76 said...

Vance ate about every 45 minutes. With QQ, I made sure to nurse her on both sides even if she acted "full" or was trying to fall asleep because that last bit of milk in there has the most fat and will fill them up longer.

Say, "no more advice crazy lady!" ;)

timpani76 said...

I meant nurse her on both sides AGAIN, after feeding her on both sides one time I would do it a second time.

Jennifer said...

So... it's been over a week since you posted last. I mean really, do you honestly think you're too busy for blogging now that you have a newborn to take care of? Sleep shmeep--we want updates!